Kris Sieter Seminar: Friday – Sunday, March 16th – 18th

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About Kris

Kris trains her dogs with relationship based methods and teaches the importance of a strong bond which is essential in any partnership between dog and handler. Kris sees each dog as an individual and therefore applies different positive motivation based training techniques for all dogs, especially for dogs that are fearful or have been abused. One of Kris’s main goals is to inspire her students to love working with their dogs and to develop the confidence in their own training to enable them to reach their individual goals within the sport. Kris sees each dog/handler as an individual and therefore applies different training techniques to meet each team’s need. Kris’ foundation training builds confidence and motivation. Kris clicker trains all foundation behavior by free shaping. With innovative ideas, confidence building and play based training; any dog can learn to love the sport of agility. Kris believes that all dogs can benefit from agility training as a means to stay fit and engaged in life. Read more about Kris in the Registration Form.

Friday: Session 1
Shaping for a Great Future! – 8:30am to 12:30pm

As seen in her bio, Kris begins all her dogs with fun games and shaping behaviors. If you have ever seen her dogs perform weave poles, you would be inspired. This session will focus on the importance of shaping behaviors for future agility skills needed. Or consider reshaping if you are having trouble with skills such as weave entries or contact behaviors or obstacle commitment. Whether you are just starting or have a dog that is currently shaping behaviors, this 4-hour session will be packed with fun and games for all levels.

***No prerequisite. For dogs of any age.***

Friday: Session 2
Agility FUNdamentals – 1:00pm to 5:00pm

This session will focus on creating that FUN atmosphere for you and your dog during training and ultimately at trials. Teach your young dogs to do agility fast from the start. This clinic will focus on teaching the handler how timely-reinforcement is key to creating a fast and driven agility dog. Perfect for dogs of any age needing some motivation or handlers who needs to figure out how to train the little speed demon in front of them.

***Dogs will need to be able to perform jumps (Or at least run through stations) and tunnels***

Saturday and Sunday: Crossing the Line / Changing the Lead – 8:30am to 5:00pm
(with a lunch break)

Unsure of which cross to best help your dog get through a course most efficiently??

Saturday’s Seminar will focus on different crosses such as front, rear, and blind crosses. These are the basic “meat and potatoes” handling maneuvers that all agility dogs should be able to read and understand without questioning. Without clear handling, the more sophisticated techniques fall apart. Once you become confident in basic crosses, other tools such as reverse spins, lateral sends, and other “fancy handling” becomes easier to learn and train. Mastering timing and foot work will be covered. In conjunction with navigating an agility course, one is required to know where to add in specific handling to create that desired line.

Sunday’s courses will have an INTERNATIONAL flare. A perfect opportunity to get ready for the UKI trial at K9CC the following weekend!! Kris will help you focus on how your dog’s lead changes can impact where your dog goes on course. Knowing what lead your dog is on and how to create a lead change will help ensure your dog runs the fastest and correct line to produce smooth, fast, clean runs. Topics included will include:

  • Understanding and identifying leads and lead changes
  • Learning when and how to give cues to change the leads
  • Learning which types of cues are needed to change leads

***Dogs MUST be at the Advanced level or above. ***