Michaela Ersae


Michaela began her animal training career at the Caldwell Zoo where she trained elephants for six years before pursuing her childhood dream of working with marine mammals. That dream came true when she started working as the Senior Animal Care Specialist where she was responsible for the care, transport, and training of all of the marine mammals first at SeaWorld of Texas for six years, and then at SeaWorld of Florida for five years. She wanted to be closer to family, so she accepted a position at Moody Gardens Aquarium as the lead trainer and supervisor for two years.

After all the years of zoo and aquarium experience she decided to apply her knowledge and training skill to the animals she always loved most, and began offering private in-home dog training. During this time she was also working in veterinary hospitals, shelters, and various other animal care/training positions. She then wanted to learn more about agility, and found K9 Country Club while surfing the internet. She sent in her resume and the rest is history.